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Human Touch: Pain and Power
Producer: Third World Newsreel Workshop
30 minutes
Human Touch: Pain and Power
In a powerful and moving reclamation of the body and human touch, this video documents how survivors of sexual abuse reaffirm their sexuality and physical selves. Intercutting dance footage, interviews and monologues, four survivors reflect on shame and recovery. The video explores how the treatment of children manifests itself in adult life--and how survivors reshape their perception of their bodies, their relationship to others and to human touch.
"Director Vejan Lee Smith gives voice to a group of African American men and women as they share the meaning and history of touch in their lives. All are survivors of sexual and/or physical abuse. The film has significant value to students of feminist psychology and would be useful for counseling professionals who work with survivors of trauma." - Claire Kaplan, Films for the Feminist Classroom
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