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Birth of a Nation: 4*29*1992
60 minutes
Birth of a Nation: 4*29*1992
After criminal charges were dropped against four Los Angeles police officers accused in the brutal beating of Rodney King, Los Angeles erupted. This video offers a rare view of the rebellion that began within minutes of the verdict. It is a view from the street, shot at the epi-center of the rebellion where residents express their out-rage, businesses burn, and neighbors are depicted as criminals on the nightly news; gangs call a city-wide truce while local rappers become prophets. With the hand-held immediacy of combat coverage, the video follows events over several days, shows conditions leading up to the verdict, the rebellion, and ultimately the arrest of Black youth accused of rioting and violence as the chief of police and news cameras look on.

• Best Historical Documentary, Prized Pieces International Film and Video Competition, 1994
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