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E Minha Cara
56 minutes
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E Minha Cara
That's My Face
A mythopoetic feast of self-discovery that crosses three continents and three generations, E MINHA CARA traces the filmmaker's journey to Salvador Da Bahia, the African heart and soul of Brazil, as he seeks the identity of the spirits who haunt his dreams. Paralleling the journey his mother made twenty years before to Tanzania in search of a mythic motherland, the film incorporates an innovative sound design that uses rap and hip hop strategies of multi-voice sampling.

E MINHA CARA is the second installment of the Paulding Avenue Trilogy, which also includes VINTAGE and TWELVE DISCIPLES OF NELSON MANDELA.
"THAT'S MY FACE is as much an artistic gem as a spiritual gift." - Shari Frilot, Programmer, Sundance Film Festival
"Mesmerizing documentary..." - Ronnie Scheib, Variety
"A visually gorgeous melding of poetry and politics." - Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly
"The historical backdrop upon which Harris illuminates his stories is riveting. He uses original footage and stills shot by his family during pivotal times in history: the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination, the Black Pride movement of the '70s and the anti-Apartheid movement in Africa. He is an eyewitness to history, and his trilogy dovetails his inquiries into personal and cultural identity with the sociopolitical spirit and vibrancy of a period in history that the media barely covered." - Adrena Ifill, Documentary Magazine
"Much of Thomas Allen Harris's film work has involved looking into his personal history, which was shaped by the absence of his father, childhood years spent in Tanzania, his gay identity, and a grandfather interested in photography. While the emotional resonance of his films may reside in his family stories, Harris opens up the possibility of political action and social change by placing them within larger community contexts. His films boldly move from pain to celebration, from the personal to the epic." - Kathy Geritz, Film Curator, Pacific Film Archive

• Best Documentary, San Francisco Black Film Festival
• Best Documentary, Denver Pan-African Film Festival
• Prize fo the Churches of the Ecumenical Jury, Berlin International Film Festival
• Gordon Parks Award Finalis, Independent Feature Project Market
• International Filmmaker Award, Toronto Reel Black Award
• Best Documentary, OUTFEST
• Berlin International Film Festival, 2002
• Sundance Film Festival, 2002
• World Premiere, Toronton International Film Festival
• Tribeca International Film Festival
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