Maryam Sepehri

Maryam Sepehri is an Iranian American filmmaker and photographer. Her photography has appeared in group and individual exhibitions, and also accompanies travel articles and a book of short stories that she has published. She wrote her MA thesis at Tehran Art University. Titled “A Study on Contemporary Ethnographic Photography of Iran” it dealt with the works of four outstanding photographers. Her interest in documentaries began, evolved, and consolidated while studying at the University. She has made five documentaries.


Mouth Harp in Minor Key: Hamid Naficy In/On Exile
Maryam Sepehri
Producer: Maryam Sepehri
2017, 61 min., Color, US/Iran
For Iranian scholar Hamid Naficy, exile is like an elevator that runs between “two cultural poles, two memories, two lives.” Naficy belongs to the Iranian generation that lived through the modernization of the country that preceded the Islamic Revolution of 1979, and the Islamization that followed i...

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